After hearing news that Torridge District Council were planning to put forward a proposal to build on the Park, it became somewhat of a standing item on the Town Council’s meeting agendas. In March 2016, the Council successfully registered the Park on the ‘List of Assets of Community Value’. This meant that if the District Council wanted to sell the land, they would have to inform the Town Council and give appropriate time for them to make an offer and raise funds. In late September 2015, a local steering group was formed. Also at this time, a public group set up the Westward Ho! Park page on Facebook which currently has 433 members. At the 2016 Annual Electors meeting, a significant number of parishioners attended and spoke in reference to the Park. Lead by the late Mike Durkin, a vote was passed to hold a Parish Poll “I am proposing that the following question be put to the Electorate” “That the Park in Westward Ho! (where the tennis courts, children’s play area and the Happy Cafe are located) should be maintained for recreation, leisure and amenity use only.” There were 30 votes in favour of his motion.
Although this Poll didn’t take place, the Park would become a passion for Mike and later prompted him to become a Councillor.